Eat as natural as possible


Do you know what you eat? Do you sometimes wonder about the dangers and health hazards of modern, industrial foods?

Can you trust the information about the safety of additives, synthetic ingredients, gene manipulated foods and ingredients that makes foods last more or less forever in the supermarket shelves…

Be critical

Do you worry and wonder about all the dangerous fertilisers, pesticides, hormones and other invisible chemicals that are absorbed in the earth – in meat, fowl and fish?

Chemicals that end up in our foods and drinks – and are absorbed by us?

Lack of information

It is spooky that a lot of these man-made elements are not even mentioned on the packaging. Elements that we have no idea of long term effects on nature, animals or human beings. It might alter our DNA, our fertility and our immune defence.

To say it mildly: The global industries are playing Russian roulette with our health.

But, a growing part of the consumers are aware of the problems. During the last few years a tsunami of food awareness has swept over the world!

Avoid plastic-fantastic foods…

Suddenly we have realised that modern industrial food technology has changed everything in just a few years. It is high-tech from A – Z. It has created longer shelf life, reduced bacterias, funghi etc. – but the price is extremely hight.

Content and balance of nutrients are altered, texture and taste is not the same as in the original, natural foods.

The real thing

If you taste an organic orange, apple or pear directly from the tree, it is an enormous difference. Suddenly you remember what it really should taste like… The same goes for vegetables, berries etc. They may not look so glossy, big and fab as the tampered ones – but the taste, the texture, the aroma – are just superior.

Glossy packaging and seducing marketing

The supermarket shelves and freezers are packed with colourful, mouthwatering temptations. Beautiful designs that gives you the feeling of wonderful tastes and first-class ingredients inside.

Nonsense!! Lots of it are serious moneymakers because they contain lots of cheap, unhealthy carbohydrates (starch and sugar), trans-fat, lots of salt – and additives.

If you want a healthier lifestyle, my best advice is: Avoid pre-fab and fast foods. You know, it takes just a few minutes more to make a soup, a sauce, a casserole, pancakes – or most anything from scratch – from healthy, natural ingredients.

You can use fresh herbs to spice up the taste – and your food is natural medicine.

”Let your food be your medicine! Let your medicine be your food”

These wise words were the trademark of Hippokrates! Our doctors pledge an oath to this ancient Greek doctor – the protector of their profession.

Unfortunately, they have switched from food as medicine – to pharmacology where the Big Pharma is their new protector with unlimited power.

Prevention is less important than the cures

It is no money in healthy people. The big bucks are in disease and mal function. The sicker we get, the bigger the turnover – the bigger the share value. Happy share holders means more unhappy, sick people… More people with chronic health problems. It is business: The more clients the better!!

Time to turn the tide

Take a good, long look at your own health. Decide to improve your life style on all points possible – in a natural, non commercial fashion.

Start with a plan of what you can easily improve.

Here are 10 points that can give you a kick start

  1. Make a shopping list with healthy foods, and don´t buy sugary, fatty, fattening foods. Stick to greener, rougher, more natural – and choose good quality meat, fish, chicken or other proteins.

  2. Don´t go shopping on an empty stomach. Stick to your list. Don´t buy on impulse just  because it is on offer.

  3. Decide what you are going to have for your main meals during the week. Don´t make to much, and eat only one serving.

  4. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. If you are a really hungry person, add a big plate of steamed vegetables or a mixed salat with just a little dressing to fill you up.

  5. Do not use microwave, it alters the biochemical structures of your food – and it can be very dubious for your health.

  6. As a healthy substitute for sodas and sweet drinks, make teas of any kind (I love fruit, berries and herbs). Make big portions and sweeten them with natural Stevia if you like. I fill big bottles and keep them in the fridge. Easy, cheap and delicious – and very good for you.

  7. Do not make fruit juices and smoothies – but eat the fruit and vegs so you get the roughage. It is much better for you. Some of the healthy smoothies and juices can containt loads of fruit sugars and lots of calories. Better with a fresh fruit salad.

  8.  Remember that eggs are a super protein bomb!! If you don´t know what you will make for dinner or lunch, whip up a few eggs with a touch of salt, pepper and a little water. A touch of olive oil in the frying pan, pour in the eggs – and in a few minutes you have the most delicious french omelett. Add asparagus, cheese, champignons or left overs of meat if you want it more substantial. Add a green salad on the side. Voila, the perfect Mediterranean meal…

  9. Don´t buy sandwich bread in plastic. I have tested several to see how long they last. It is scary: They are immortal… They have ended in the bin after more than a year. Even the ants want go for it!!

  10. Be sensible and practical on your way to a healthier you, but don´t be a food fanatic. Relax, enjoy – and remember that a few small improvements are better than none.

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