10 years younger

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10 years younger?? You will probably say that it is impossible. I say: It is!! How? Look inside yourself! You have a Fountain of Youth bubbling away with the elixir of youth. It is up to you to use its magic – or let it dry out…

You decide to a large degree your looks, your attitude, your level of energy and your health. What you are doing to day will also affect your future health & quality of life..

Your lifestyle is the most important part of your health & beauty – or lack of it.

It is influencing all aspects of your life,  from your self image to your ability to relate to others! It influences your your relationships, career, sex, work, ageing process – and your ability to combat a long list of our most feared diseases.

In other words: You can be the master of yourself  and your own life.

A positive lifestyle is important for everybody

Of course I realise that people can get sick, can get all kind of health problems that are not related to their life style. We all know of people who have lived the healthiest lives have been struck with disabling diseases.

But, no matter what the problems are, a healthy and sensible lifestyle, positive attitude and making the most of oneself will improve the quality of life – and brighten the days.

Most of us need a kick in the butt

Hopefully you are of the majority that don´t suffer from major health problems – but like most of us – need to invest more time and effort in getting fitter.

The older we get the more effort we need to get rid of love handles and wine bellies, sagging skin – and in general: Signs of too much sitting – and too little use of the fantastic machinery we call our body.

It is amazing – and it is worth looking after (it is the only one you get in this life…)

You can decide to use sensible lifestyle as your main tool to be who you want to be!

A great lifestyle can help you to be who you really are – and make you far younger and fitter than your birth age

Hello to you who were not born yesterday… 

My blog is not for the young fashion- and influencer crowd. No, no… I am writing to real woman who has been around a while. For me it is a real passion to share my life long experiences from being a fighter and trendsetter for health, beauty, wellness, weight- and body control!

I know a lot of the secrets to how women of any age can look better, feel better and be the best version of themselves. How they can regain looks, health and lust for life by know-how and doing av small effort for themselves.

It is not very time consuming, it does not require lots of money (most of the best things are really for free) – but it requires self respect, thinking and using both body and brain to improve yourself.

10 points on your rejuvenating program

  1. If you are overweight – please – get rid of your fatty deposits. They are really dangerous, and can lead to lots and lots of health problems and serious illnesses and chronic, deadly diseases.

  2. Avoid fast foods and pre-fab foods. Prepare your meals from mainly fresh, natural ingredients. Organic if you can get it. 

  3. Drink water and cut out sodas, light drinks and all kinds of sugary drinks. Be careful with alcohol!

  4. Follow a daily fitness program – minimum 15 minutes resistance to get stronger. Walk at least 30 minutes a day. Increase as you get fitter. 

  5. Go for regular hikes in nature to get back to natural movements to maintain & increase flexibility and balance!  

  6. Increase your circulation and kick your skin cells into action and increased production of elastic fibers. It will rapidly improve your skin quality. Use a body brush or hemp glove – and brush away till skin is red, hot and active!

  7. Facials, massages, pedicures, yoga classes are just some of the feel-good look-good elements that you can use to pamper yourself, If you have a limited budget, try to save up – and at least – have a treatment once in a while (because you deserve it).

  8. Smile to life, and stop complaining – it never gets you anywhere but down… With a positive, problem solving attitude life will smile back to you. Your days, and your life will be so much better. Follow my blog and you will get lots of how-to´s….

  9. Visualise/daydream and meditate! Fill your inner self with wonderful happenings.  Make wonderful videos of your future with you as the star of your life. Savour the  warm and happy feeling and let it seep into each little cell of body.

  10. If you are easily stressed, worried and/or frightened – please start with relaxation techniques to combat stress. Stress is very dangerous because it influences hundreds of biochemical processes in our bodies. It lowers the immune defence and your ability to combat diseases, and it increases your risk of insomnia and mental problems too.

Follow my blog, and I will write much more about each subject – and give you lots of practical advices. I will be very happy if you share my blog with your friends, on mail, Facebook etc. The more the merrier. Lets show the world that women don´t have to be young to be smashing!!

all the best from eva

One Comment

  1. Skal selvfölgeligt se til at se 10 år yngre ut.

    Du er en klok kvinne. Dessuten ser du strålende ut.

    Holder på å pakker ut en hel del ifra köleskap, frysbokser, garderober mm. i leiligheten hvor mamme bodde. Ikke morsomt i hele tatt, men det skal gjöres.

    Når allt er over skal jeg prioritere meg selv, som jeg ikke har gjort på mange år. Viktigt!

    Vi snakkes fremover, har mye å gjöre nå. Skal printe ut det du har skrevet å sette opp det på speilet i soverummet, slik at jeg påminner meg selv å ta noen minutter hver eneste dag.

    Stor klem Eva.

    Varma hälsningar

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